A Review Of scientology beliefs rules

Scientology is usually a joke “religion” whose sole goal is to different its customers from their money. They are so secretive about their “religion” I come to feel pretty selected they hover during the realm of a cult.

The one other likelihood, Should the shore Tale previously mentioned is in any way true, and it is a superb probability Probably from what We all know on the Homunculous (Miscavige) (excellent term that from Truth Teller) is this awful vicious small worm invented this nonsense to discover how easy It will be to con people or how easy it might be to feed people any aged nonsense. Some weird tiny “administration” exercise of his that he then spends days about laughing with his fellow rock slammer Execs concerning how foolish lots of people may very well be in believing this nonsense.

To all These even now standing in protection of Scientology ‘engineering’… from the terms of Jason Beghe…”clearly show me a mother fucking clear”.

It truly is extremely hard now to obtain higher level supplies through the Church, For the reason that Copenhagen affair in 1983. AO materials are subjected to these protection that almost nothing has arrive out of your church in that line for many years. Plus the story on this (bogus “OT8”) is “another person slipped the OT8 HCOB beneath the cabin door of the individual executing the OT8 study course about the ship”. That is certainly a most unusual strategy for enrolling people today on to Superior Courses, seemingly bypassing all ordinary routings and apprising them on the components of the private program – at useless of night time in his cabin rather than even while in the private study course home!

hubbard was a satanist screw that gentleman made alien cult i’d relatively check out star trek and transformers.

Mike as The brand new 12 months can make it’s look,you have this type of profound & very well prepared piece on Ron and his Sport.It really made me examine some very common pictures from years back in A different brighter mild.Ron just cherished his individual viewpoint a great deal he was willing to sacrifice numerous on his altar.My to start with weeks in Sea Org @ Asho F,no-just one fairly realized in which to put me.So besides working the folding device Yikes! I also bought to complete special drills considering I'd Considerably catching up to try and do possessing not been in org or mission prior.At one particular level a GO/ Information was the Org board title but study Intelligence stopped by where by I was in a study course desk and basically stated,Two points Ann.

I didn’t recognize that nonsense about the volcano on the cover with the dianetics book, in my exprerience nobody responded to this, the only thing that was effective was a superb gross sales approach by the person providing the book.

Weekly later, Hubbard wrote An additional plan letter that's the SECOND reference studied on Each and every training course in scientology. He explained the notion of “squirreling” and even further strengthened the idea of “Scientology or nothing.”

Brian, you assert I reported the subsequent. “Just one poster My Two Cents, a more moderate male, mentioned that Ron was so previously scientology beliefs definition mentioned his physique and enlightened (paraphrase) and concluded with his get the scientology beliefs documentary job done that he was being benevolent and attempting to cost-free Room aliens sort his entire body.”

Now I could Offer you A lot from the symbolism and so forth which fits alongside with this but you find it recorded. This, of course, male responds to an exploding volcano [exhibits a DMSMH book front include, which is an exploding volcano]. He responds to that. He understands that.

Brian, I read this many years in the past and first read the actual doc (which must be a “remembered” create up not an HCOB) within the nineteen eighties most likely before lots of on right here had even heard of it, and responded then instantly by stating it absolutely was bullshit, as do a lot of the commenters around the backlink you posted. It is apparently rather a feat to keep in mind correctly three or 4 webpages of the “HCOB” and as well as that with another doc listing “specifically” the processes to run in addition eh? Funny that eh? And is Hubbard likely to contradict his individual OTIII products which this supposed HCOB does? If that's the case why did he not cancel OTIII then? And so the illogic goes on and on. In order I say, if George M.White is being adamant about it and truthful, then it could only have been a Miscavige experiment, as I say. And does one really believe that, if it absolutely was actually prepared by LRH, that Miscavige would dare to cancel it as he seemingly did?

As I study by means of this informative article and skim the non-public views about Scientology from the above mentioned associates, they didn’t really reveal it. Form of like the book “The trick”, try it and you’ll figure out. Confusing……

Which Pleasure and flexibility was obviously not attained by Ron. The corollary of that is certainly that he could not lead us to that condition.

It’s hilarious to me the number of Christians and Muslims who criticize Scientology as crazy bullisht. It can be crazy bullisht, but Verify yourself. The major religions scientology church beliefs with the world aren’t A lot saner, and haven’t finished the masses significantly better. SMH.

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